Dear Mom: Who Says She Is Fine

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I know for me this has happen many many times in my life. I’ll be dying inside and someone will ask “How are you doing, Sonya?” My answer will be” Just fine, thank you.”

Knowing that I am lying, I say it anyway.

I really want to tell her what is really going on inside but the fear creeps in.

Fear starts telling me:

* she will judge you

* she doesn’t have time to listen to you

* she has enough problems of her own

* she can’t possibly know what your doing through

* she will think your a failure

* she will see the messy you

I am then paralyzed, held back from taking the plunge to share with her what is really going on. I can then move on with my fake smile pretending that all is just fine when inside I am screaming for her to see through my words.

Sweet sisters these are LIES FROM THE ENEMY!

He wants nothing more then for you to keep your struggles to your self.


Because he knows there is power in the name above all names, Jesus Christ.

He knows that as soon as you share your struggles with your sister in Christ, God can start work in your struggles.

He wants nothing more then for you to stay smothered in your struggles. The longer he keeps you paralyzed the better chance he can cause you to stumble.

When we share with your sisters the truth to the question “How are you doing?”  I don’t mean our whole life story, I mean your struggles that are paralyzing you from moving forward, it will make a difference. God can work all around you.

It can be as simple as You know what I am not doing fine.

“Could you please pray for  my marriage?”

“Could you please pray for my oldest son salvation?’

“Could you please pray for my health, I am not feeling real good these days?”

We can keep it right to the point. Our whole life does not have to be shared or feel like we are a burden to someone because we are having struggles. We can share are struggles briefly.

Matthew 18:20″For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

We have to realize that we all as Christians are under attack.

If we keep our struggles inside and never sharing them, the enemy is winning! Remember he wants nothing more then to kill, steal and destroy your relationship with Christ and will go about any means to make that happen.

Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ”

It’s why we share our struggles with other sisters in Christ. They can help in carrying our burdens with us to the throne of Christ.

When confiding in a sister I would encourage it be a mature Godly woman, a woman that has been in a similar situation, one that will point every thing back to Christ.

This will help in keeping the focus on Christ.

So the next time you are asked “How are you doing?” Stand up to the enemy and share your struggles briefly.

**Chime in: What is your first reaction when you are asked “How are you doing?”


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I am a sinner saved by grace trying to move through this broken world as a wife, mom and homeschooler. I have 3 gorgeous sons {24, 17 & 11} and a wonderful husband of 13 years, that have my heart! I don't have all the answers however sharing my life with you in hopes that it will drawer you closer to Him. I pray that when you leave here you walk away knowing Him better.

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