Family Vacation 2013 & A Great Reminder From God

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Family Vacation 2013

Spending time with family is truly a blessing.

Being married to a military man our family does not live close to us. Which makes Family Vacation every year  exciting because we get to take a road trip. My husband’s side of the family has a family reunion which helps us in getting to see the whole  family all at once.

Our first stop is Indianapolis to spend a night with my brother Sammy and nephew Ashtin. The 10 hour drive this year was not the best. We left at 8pm at night making it extremely hard to be comfortable with 6 travelers. Leaving early in the morning will be a must when we take off for MN.

Ashtin and Peyton are the same age. Watching them grow up together reminds me just how time flies by.

Next stop Minnesota!

Family Vacation 2013

5am came pretty fast for the start of our 10 hour drive!

We normally drive for a few hours, unless everyone is still sleeping, and stop for breakfast. We found one of our favorite places, Perkins.

Yes we had to leave with a Coconut Pie! It truly was screaming my name!

The next hours consisted of long talks, lots of laughs, splash and goes, and tons of memories!

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We arrived at my in-laws at about 6pm. Makes all the driving so worth it once we get to MN. From my door to my in-laws door is 24 hours. That is why we have to stop for one night.

The next week we hung out with family, took a trip to Mall of America, Valley Fair Amusement Park followed by our Family Reunion. Not too much going on to be able to relax.

There are so many more pictures I would love to share with you but that would take up your whole day. I take a lot of pictures lol

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I will say that the more we get to spend with our my in-laws the harder it gets to leave them. God really has shown me that building a relationship even though there is distance is very important.

With a big family comes there own set of issues. One is that not all of us are in the same place with our walks with the Lord. Some may only be going through the motions and some may not know Him at all.

This brings bigger challenges to show Christ in every situation.

The path is narrow and the more we mature the more our lives look less and less like the worlds.

With every relationship that is formed much prayer is needed. This is where we truly get to see what dieing to self daily means. The drawing to Christ comes with a price, to give up yourself no matter the cost so that He can shine bright.

This is a reminder that God shared with me daily through out my trip!

That I need Him with every step that I take.

That I have to lean on Him to get through what the world will dish out.

That when the touch gets touch pray to Him, lean on Him, He will not disappoint.

Him in us is how we will accomplish His will! We are never alone in this fight!

As another year has passed the reminder is that the years to come will only get harder and I will need God more then ever. A reminder that He will get us through anything when we just say yes to His will.

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Did you vacation turn into a great reminder from God? Would love to hear how God showed up in your vacation!

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