The Prayer That Cost Me Everything – {Prayer For Our Unbelieving Children}

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The more I talk about my unbelieving son the more I see that there are so many of you that are dealing with the same thing as moms. I pray that my words will bring you comfort to keep fighting the fight for your unbelieving children.

This is a fight worth fighting!

The culture is shifting fast, and filled with many temptations to draw our children in! They need us to be strong and on our knees for them. This will not be easy however God never said raising children would be easy, just worth it!

While my son was out being a prodigal for 4 years I was on my knees for him daily! I cried and begged God to protect him and bring him home. I teamed up with sisters in Christ to pray and agree with me on his behalf.  I thought I would never get to the end.

Though this was a journey my son had to endure, it was very hard for me as the mom.

Most times I felt like I could not breath because the thoughts that the enemy would place in my mind was paralyzing! God pulled me through this and reminded me often that this was my sons journey I just needed you to love him and pray for him.

What I did next was the hardest thing I have ever had to do as a mom! Pray a prayer that would change everything, cost me everything.

Dear Father God,

I lift my prodigal son up to you now. I know that you love him way more then I do. Lord I pray that you would bring light to all of his sin and strip him of anything that is holding him back from seeking you. Remove anyone that is in his path that is hindering a relationship with you. Bring him to the end of himself so that all he has is you. Close any doors that need to be shut and narrow his path straight to you. Put Godly people in his path so that he may know that you are pursuing him. Protect him from himself and the enemy while you draw him near. When it gets hard remind him in a big way that you are and have always been here for him. Do what ever it takes to draw Him to you Lord Jesus! Open his eyes to you all around him! I release him to you!

In Jesus Name, Amen

If you listen to these words deeply you hear the pleading of a mom that God would save her son! She speaks in boldness knowing that God WILL draw him near while she intercedes for him on her knees!

I will confess watching from the side lines while it takes place will make your heart skip a beat!

Time and time again I could see the Lord working just like I had prayed however watching your child fall apart and feel like the world is coming to an end was hard but a blessing at the same time.


Because it meant God was answering the prayer in ways that my son could receive it. The whole time I could see what God was doing in his life even though he could not, it was hard but knew it would be worth it in the end.

What a testimony he will have one day! That God would use his brokenness to draw someone else to Him through his very walk.

On July 19, 2012 my prodigal son did come home!

My heart and arms were opened wide to receive him. The journey my son was on was my journey as well. I learned to rely on God more, He drew me close and showed me that He can be fully trusted! That I needed to learn to love people the way He loves them so that I could show more of Him and less of me!

WOW, right!

Today my son is home and though he has not surrendered his life over to Christ I can see that God is pursuing him. He gets to see Jesus everyday as we walk our walks out right in front of him. We rejoiced when he came home and wait now for the heavens to rejoice!

Hold fast sweet moms, don’t give up on your unbelieving children! God has big plans for their life! Be willing to hand over your children, trust God with them fully, know that He loves them more then you, and most of all pray the bold prayer above! Sit back and watch the Lord draw your children to Him.

He only wants the very best for you and for them!

Chime in: Have you prayed a prayer that cost you everything? Share how God moved!


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