Iesodo: “Love” DVD Review

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Iesodo review

I have to say that I am excited to share Iesodo with you.  Our family was just introduced to IESODO: Pronounced yeah-sah-doe (Yay-sa-doe) it’s a Japanese word meaning “The way of Jesus”. What a joy he and his friends brought to our living room.

Now days it is very hard to watch anything on TV with out something inappropriate coming across the screen. We gave up TV months ago adding Netflix and tons of DVD’s.

It makes my heart sing to see there are people out there that want to make movies that the whole family can watch. I pray Iesodo and friends will be a part of your family as well.

Iesodo is beautiful dove who helps bring a change to the bird world.  He shows the birds how working together will bring success and how we love those that are not so nice to us.  The DVD “Love” is a fun, energetic, colorful animation packed with catchy songs, that your kids will be walking around singing.  Iesodo teachings are faithful and educational. Helping to spark conversations with your children.

Iesodo Love

Birds of a Feather, Fish Together: I believe we all can relate to this lesson, especially if you have brothers/sisters. In this episode brothers, Jack & Jacob can not agree on how to catch fish for Freddie & Fiona wedding celebration so they end up giving up. Iesodo helps them see that working together will bring success.

Love Your Enemies: In this episode Zack, the tax collector, doesn’t play by the rules hording all the food taking from the birds to keep all for himself. Iesodo shows the flock that treating those who are mean to us with kindness really does make a big difference.

Both episode really got us all talking about working together and loving those that are not so nice to us. The music was catchy so we ended singing along.

Iesodo has two movies out at this time called Believe & Love. Be on the look out for new DVD’s coming soon: Faith, Joy, Kindness, Forgiveness, & Hope.

Watch the Trailer here

Want more information about Iesodo, friends, play games, go behind the scene?


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