3 Ways Not to be Over-Whelmed at a Homeschool Conference plus a Giveaway

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We are ending our 3rd year of homeschooling. Having encouragement along the way is a must! Surrounding ourselves with others that are on this journey of Homeschooling helps each speed bump, road block be handled with wisdom.

One of the ways that I personally get encouragement is by attending Homeschool Conferences.

There are many around the globe however if you are unable to attend these amazing conference I highly encourage that you attend your Statewide Homeschool Conference.

I live in North Carolina and our Statewide Conference is called NCHE {North Carolina for Home Education}. They are celebrating encouraging our Homeschool Community for 30 years this year! Amazing!

I have had the honor of working with this conference as a blogger and thoroughly have enjoyed it. One of the perks of working with the conference is I am able to give away a FREE Family Registration valued at $85 to one blessed North Carolina reader! 


I can give you 3 reasons you should attend NCHE Conference this year!

  • 1. The Featured Speaker line up is amazing! Loaded with many tools and wisdom we need to walk out this journey of Homeschooling. 
  • 2. Workshops! Now is the place where you can get overwhelmed if you are not careful. Loaded with ton of information from men/women that are walking out this Homeschooling journey.
  • 3. Book Fair! Curriculum heaven! All the vendors that will be attending. Here you can get hands on with their curriculum along with getting all your question answered.

This conference starts May 22nd and ends May 24th being held bat the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Who should attend NCHE Conference?

  • Anyone thinking about homeschooling.
  • Just getting started Homeschooling
  • Seasoned Homeschooler
  • Or if you fall somewhere in the middle this conference is for YOU!

As May is getting started up I pray that as your Homeschool Year is coming to and end that this NCHE will be the encouragement you need to bring you through the summer in helping you start out next year differently.

Here are 3 ways NOT to be over whelmed while attending a Homeschool Conference

Workshop classes! If this is your first time attending a HS Conference this can be over whelming because you feel  you need to take every single class. That is just not possible. Reevaluate your school year and take classes that will help you over come these areas for next year. Take classes where you need the most encouragement. Make your list and stick to it. You can make changes while you there if you like however going into the conference already knowing what you would like to take, takes being over whelmed away.

Book Fair! Personally this is my favorite and not so favorite part. Why? Because I am a curriculum junkie. I had to learn the hard way on this part. If I seen something I thought would be good for my son, I got it. Don’t do that! If you already have a curriculum that is working for your child, DON’T CHANGE IT. If you have something that is not working, go into the vendor hall looking for that curriculum. This takes being over whelmed away as well. Know what you are going into looking for and by looking around you can see what all is out there, if there is anything you would like to add.

Budget! This one is very important because you can go in there and spend a fortune on tons you just do not need. Decide how much you will be spending, take that with you and don’t go over. Couple great perks buying your curriculum at a Conference, is you get a better price and free shipping. So keep that in mind.

Now your ready to head into the Conference with confidence! The three tips above I had to learn the hard way and pray that they will help you have a great experience and not be over whelmed at all. Just remember this does not have to over whelming at all, this is suppose to encourage you through your homeschool journey. Sit back, pray about how this conference can help you in your next year homeschool journey, and most of all HAVE FUN!

Now on to the fun part, the GIVEAWAY of a FREE Family Registration valued at $85 to one blessed North Carolina reader! Enter below:
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