Loving Well Right We Are

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I met Mandy back in 2015 at a Blogging Conference. She blogged over at Worshipful Living. Her smile was refreshing and she welcomed me with open arms. She was indeed a beautiful soul. By the end of the conference I got to know her just alittle better.  When I received the news that she had passed away along with her husband, daughter and newly adopted son, my heart skipped a beat. All kinds of thoughts started running through my head. 


It was Oct of 2016 that after a 9 month battle with lung cancer, my mom was called home to Jesus. All those feelings started to rush back. What was more crazy is that I did not know Mandy very well at all but her passing with 3 members of her family stirred my heart up something fierce.


Finding out more, her two oldest children, who had lost their mom to cancer when they were young, survived. All I could think about is, how will those children get through this. They already walked out losing their mom, now they have to move forward without another mom, their father and two siblings.


My heart still aches as I write this to you.


They will do it holding tightly to Jesus. Their church has rallied around them and we can see from so many, that Mandy loved well right where she was. That is something that I will take away from all of this. We are not promised tomorrow, living in the moments where God has us, is how we love well right where we are.


If you are called to be a wife, love him well.

If you are called to be a mom, love them well.

If you are called to be friend, love your circle well.

If you are called to be sister, love her well.

If you are called to a neighborhood, love them well.

If you are called to service, love all you come into contact with well.


It is not by accident that you are placed where you are. Loving well looks like embracing what the day has in store for us, even if it was not how we planned it. I call these kinds of days, a divine interruption. God is always at work and though we plan out our days, He directs our path. Take a pause and take the time to love well right where you are.


The blogging world is a great community. A lot of us have teamed up to share about Mandy. I hope you will take the time to check out all the memories and loving words so many have taken the time to share. Visit Mandy on her facebook page where she had scheduled post for this week that are still being published. She also has a store that you can shop or consider donating.


Trinity Baptist Church
2003 Charleston Hwy.
Cayce, SC 29033You can also donate via the Trinity’s website. There is a GIVE button on the menu. Choose the ‘Kelly’s’ from the drop down options.


For those of us in Christ Jesus, our hope is in His promises, that we will meet our loved ones again. We can rest assured that we will see Mandy again.



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